Radiation shielding doors

Endured exposure to radiation causes long-term health risks. Therefore, protection against sources of radiation is vital. Walls and doors need to provide shielding to ensure the health and safety of those working with radiants in, for example, hospitals.

Lead is an excellent material in providing such protection. Based on radiation levels, we manufacture bespoke radiation shielding doors.

image radiation shielding door

Product Specification

Download the PicoX-Ray product sheet down below:



The product sheet may change. Please visit our website for the most recent version.

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A single and complete door concept

A single, certified concept for door, frame and fittings. With PicusElement, we offer an all-in-one solution. By carefully selecting prime quality products, your bespoke door set is created. Easy, quick and delivered to your doorstep.


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Radiation shielding door application