Our strength is in our people. Because the Van Vuuren team is as
versatile as our product range and our projects. With the most diverse specialisations
and backgrounds, but with the same goal: to deliver a beautiful product that not only we
but also our customers can be proud of.

Employee André vd Zee

André van der Zee
Network & application management

Employee Bart Reinsma

Bart Reinsma
Commercial employee

Employee Bram Eggens

Bram Eggens

Employee Brian Hoeksema

Brian Hoeksema
Inside sales team leader

Director Dennis Gijsman

Dennis Gijsman

Employee Detmar vd Veen

Detmar van der Veen
Financial controller

Employee Dirk Kooistra

Dirk Kooistra

Employee Eise te Veen

Eise ter Veen

Employee Eric Jan van Zwol

Eric Jan van Zwol
Work planner

Employee Erwin Krol

Erwin Krol
Operations Manager

Employee Esmé Couperus

Esmé Couperus

Employee Gert Jan vd Hoek

Gert Jan van der Hoek
Commercial employee

Employee Hans Brinksma

Hans Brinksma
Head of Calculation

Employee Henk Vonk

Henk Vonk
Technical Department

Employee Hotsche Haagsma

Hotsche Haagsma
Head of P&O

Employee Ilse Bouma

Ilse Bouma
Secretarial employee

Employee Jantsje Hellema

Jantsje Hellema
Marketing team leader

Employee Jeroen Rabe

Jeroen Rabe
Process Engineer

Employee Joost Hugense

Joost Hugense

Employee Jorco van Hezel

Jorco van Hezel

Jorn Kamsma

Jorn Miedema
Commercial employee

Employee Klaas Bouma

Klaas Bouma
Work planner

Lennard Schat
Work planner

Employee Marieke Stuitje

Marieke Stuitje

Employee Paul Leusink

Paul Leusink
Sales Manager

Pieter Alberda
Production team leader

Employee Stef Bos

Stef Bos

Employee Stephan Tjepkema

Stephan Tjepkema
R&D team leader

Employee Sybren Hiemstra

Sybren Hiemstra

Wietze Bron
Software developer

Employee Wouter Mellema

Wouter Mellema

Employee Yoran Bijlsma

Yoran Bijlsma
Commercial employee

Employee Zoë Hiemstra

Zoë Hiemstra
Commercial employee


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