Prime quality utility doors

Are you looking for functional and safe doors with specific properties? Or just a standard utility door providing access to rooms? Seek no further. Van Vuuren offers you a broad range of certified utility doors. Our assortment includes not only fire and smoke seal doors but also acoustic and security doors. Combining different types of doors is also not a problem. You know your door increases the safety of your building.

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Quality and certified utility doors

Van Vuuren doors are not only safe and functional but also comply with today’s standards. All our fire and smoke, acoustic and security doors are certified with the highest possible rating. In addition, Van Vuuren promotes a sustainable market and responsible forestry. As a company, we are STIP accredited and only use FSC certified wood as a testimony of these efforts. All our doors are made of 100% certified sustainable wood grown by responsible foresters.

Combining functionalities Van Vuuren doors

Perhaps you want a Van Vuuren smoke seal door in combination with a fire door. This combination is often seen in, for example, hospitals or hotels. Or you are seeking the correct door for penal institutions. A security door, in combination with acoustic, fire and smoke seal features can be a suitable option. You might even be looking for new doors for an office building. Combining an acoustic door with a fire door can be the right choice. Whatever door you are looking for, Van Vuuren delivers a bespoke door solution.

A selection from our portfolio of utility doors

The importance of certified and safe interior doors is self-evident. Utility doors manufactured by Van Vuuren comply with the latest rules and regulations to ensure the safety of apartments, hotels and commercial offices. Van Vuuren offers a broad range of products:

  • Standard doors in, for example, houses;
  • Fire doors in, for example, hospitals;
  • Smoke seal in, for example, hospitality ;
  • Acoustic in, for example, commercial buildings;
  • Security doors in, for example, prisons;
  • Waterproof in, for example, swimming pools;
  • Bulletproof in, for example,  banks.

Want to know more about Van Vuuren? Our door is always open

Do you want one or more Van Vuuren utility doors for your hotel, office, theatre or other building? Do you have questions about any of our doors? Or you are looking for a bespoke all-in-one solution? Please take a look at our product range or contact us. Our door is always open, and we are happy to help you.

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